TrentoDoc Focus VII - Letrari Brut Riserva 2013

Letrari are one of the pioneers of TrentoDOC, now producing sparkling and still wines from their home in Vallagarina. I can't find a blend for this, but I believe it is one of those slightly rarer creatures - a Pinot Nero-dominant TrentoDOC. I say believe because I'm not sure - there's really very little information readily available on any aspect of this wine you might want to know about! A sense of mystery in an age of QR codes and disgorgement dates, at least.

Letrari Brut Riserva 2013
Quite golden in profile with ripe candied yellow grapefruit and dried apple, and touch of darker blackberry fruit. Delicate white flowers and suggestion of some warmer orange fruit, too. Pleasing, moreish style with a rush of generosity to the ripe, sweet lemon+grapefruit fruit easing out into some gentle pith and fruit sweetness. An easy-going style, but with plenty of interest. 88