Tasted - Josetta Saffirio Nebbiolo d'Alba D.O.C. Metodo Classico Rosé 2017

Tar 'n ...Rosés?

Nebbiolo has an unlikely affinity with the traditional method. What's I enjoy is that savoury, autumnal character and slightly gruff palate giving you a dose of Piedmontese realtà alongside your bright red fruits and fizz-friendly acids; a bit of a boxer in ballet shoes in other words, but well worth trying. Some believe Nebbiolo has a long history as a sparkling wine grape. In fact, there's even a fledging group  - Nebbiolo Noblesse - set up to promote it. 

This is young and primary, with some sweet red cherries and strawberries, white flowers and autumn jellies - rosehips and crabapples - as well as an attractive whiff of the wilderness from bitter herbs and sage. There's pithy, bright mandarin edge to the palate which stops short of chewiness or extraction - instead it is balanced nicely with a grippy and thirst quenching snap. It hasn't fallen into the trap of being too dry either.  86