TrentoDOC Focus III - Moser 51.151 Brut

Francesco Moser is famous for cycling 51,151 metres in one hour in Mexico city in 1984. The Moser family has also focused on the somewhat slower art of winemaking since 1979; today there are three cuvées produced. This all-Chardonnay wine is a lovely example of the Trento style at the light-footed end of the spectrum. Grapes from Maso Warth, the Cembra valley and Lavis are fermented and kept in large acacia and oak botti until tirage. I don't have any lees-ageing information here; I'd be guessing somewhere around 2-3 years maximum.

Reasonably-priced wines always work best when they don't try to puff their chests out and do impressions of expensive flavours. It's better to get a pristine, true base wine and present it simply and cleanly. This wine sells for under 20EU in Italy - there's a place in the world for wines like these!

Moser 51.151 Brut, TrentoDoc NV
100% Chardonnay. Such a fresh and breezy style here, clean green apple and subtle white peach with some herbs and lemon pith. There's some wet chalk and chamomile - it's really pretty and delicate. It's quietly pure on the palate, staying a long way away from any intensity of acid/texture/sweetness or overt ripeness. Aperitif-style, meant in the best possible way. 86