Tasted - Ferrari Perlé Rosé 2012, Trentodoc

Italian Traditional Method Sparkling Wines are divided between two main centres of quality - Franciacorta and Trentino. It's difficult to generalise about production in these two zones, but what I would say is that I tend to associate Franciacorta with a slightly riper style, whereas the wines of Trentodoc (Trento-DOC...geddit?) are a little cleaner and fresher. Some may disagree, but I have struggled with the quality of Franciacorta wines available in the UK over the last few years. Part of the problem is that the selection is quite limited - I think there's a lot more to both of these regions than I've really been able to get a grip on.

Ferrari is probably the most prominent producer of Traditional Method Sparkling Wines in Italy at the moment. I actually remember the first time I tasted a Ferrari wine - it was the Maximum Brut at a wine bar in Testaccio in 2008. I ordered a Brachetto D'Acqui afterwards (not knowing what that was either) and felt a bit daft.

Ferrari Perlé Rosé 2012

80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay. A very clean and fragrant style. What strikes me about this wine is just how well-balanced the spectrum of flavours in on the nose; it adds up to something really beautiful. There's some ripeness with fresh raspberry and candied strawberry, a little sunny apricot and autumnal notes of red quince/crabapple jelly. Brightness comes from ripe citrus (pink grapefruit and clementine) and subtle complexity of basil and tea. This wine shows lovely integration of the lees-aged character with just a touch of creaminess and smoke, but it's all very pristine and far from heavy. A little speculoos biscuit and floral honey hint at development - it was disgorged in August 2018.

The palate is fresh with fine fruit intensity. I think it needs a little more time for the dosage to settle, but the clarity and subtlety of the fruit shines through with ripe acidity carrying the crabapple and berry fruit some distance on the finish. Real delicacy to the mousse. Best till 2022 90-92

P.S. It's interesting to look back on notes for the Nyetimber Rosé I tasted a few weeks back. There are some stylistic/winemaking similarities to the Pinot influence here, even if the Ferrari shows the hallmarks of a very different climate!