Tasted - Paul Déthune Extra Brut Grand Cru

A youthful blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay from this grower in Ambonnay. 2015 vintage base, with 30-50% reserve wines, bottled April 2016 and disgorged February 2018. Mixture of old, large oak and steel for fermentation and maturation.  This is the same wine as the Paul Déthune Brut Grand Cru, just with a lower 5 g/l dosage.

Lovely combination of freshness and savour. Quite direct and powerful with ripe apricot, red apple and redcurrant fruit, sweetened with honeysuckle and creamy fresh fig. Tangy lemon curd lurking in there too. The palate is focussed and direct once more - this is a young wine. Nevertheless the Pinot fruit and subtle oak influence offer up more than just fruit here, with savoury, almost earthy dried leaves and allspice. There is something a tiny bit metallic/chemical here, which I can't decide if I like or not. A little yoghurt and a more of that tangy lemon curd hang around very enjoyably on the finish. The low dosage does suit the wine, even if it is probably a more complete package in standard Brut form with a bit more age behind it. 88/100