Tasted - Catherine & Pierre Breton Vouvray Brut 'La Dilettante" NV

Chenin blanc does have its own, particular colour doesn't it?

There are some fizzes that couldn't possibly be anything else - wines that, if left to go flat, would seem awkward, sweet-and-sour disappointments. On the other hand, sparklers like this one really seem like lovely still wines, enlivened by the unique textural and aromatic effects of bottle fermentation. Good sparkling Chenin really needs to taste of Chenin for me - I want that golden, open fruit, those honeyed tones and some of those dewey, stony, hard-to-pin-down flavours that are unique to this great grape. That means good sites, careful viticulture and lowish yields - all features of Catherine and Pierre Breton's wines. Sulphite additions are extremely low at around 10mg/l at bottling.

Catherine & Pierre Breton Vouvray Brut 'La Dilettante' NV

Elegant, delightful fizz. The nose is so alluring, with apples in honey at first, some zesty yellow grapefruit and then richer, sweeter mango notes. Pretty, elderflower-like floral touches too. It's flinty and just a tiny bit smoky - this is one to really get the 'wet stone' note you hear wine writers talk about. Lovely balance between the firmer, vinous character and those yellow fruits on the palate, which is direct and refreshing. Unencumbered by sweetness and flavoursome right through the palate, unlike some less illustrious sparkling Chenin. 89/100